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Elara 3.0


Elara 3.0 is a portable heating and cooling system with an anodized aluminum sample plate built into a light-weight case. Elara is fully programmable allowing the user to heat, cool, ramp, soak, or create a series of complex thermal profiles. Elara accommodates samples that require ultra-cold exposure, or slow controlled heating in remote field sites. The low power draw allows users to achieve precision temperature control in remote locations using a light-weight generator or a standard vehicle power inverter. The sample plate has two zones which can be operated in sync or independently to generate a thermal gradient up to 30°C. Each unit comes with a custom fit carrying case, making it simple to transport to field sites. Elara is compatible with most vehicle power inverters and inverter generators.

Elara specifications: 

63 x 22 x 24 cm (LxWxH)

sample plate: 21 x 18 cm

11 kg

-40°C to 70°C (tested at 21°C)

120/220 VAC


Operation Modes: 


Carrying case specifications: 

69.6 x 38.4 x 30 cm (LxWxH)

5.6 kg

56 kg buoyancy (she floats!) 

8mm padlock hole diameter

stainless steel bearing wheels

retractable extension handle

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